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Mycoprenuer Podcast – Joe Moore & Kyle Buller: Psychedelics Today

Joe Moore and Kyle Buller are the Founders of Psychedelics Today, the planetary hub for individuals, practitioners, and professionals exploring psychedelics.

They join me to talk about the state of the psychedelics space, which they continue to shape after six years being at the forefront of it.

We talk about their Vital training program for psychedelics for professional training in psychedelic therapy and integration, their upcoming Convergence conference from March 30-April 2, 2023 in Los Angeles, and why all of us should focus on ending the drug war and eradicating the DEA above and beyond our own personal pursuits in the space.

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Psychedelic Health – Psychedelics Today: improving access to psychedelic therapy training

Psychedelics Today launched out of a passion for psychedelic education with a podcast that has to date generated over four million downloads.

In a bid to bring this education to more people, the organisation has launched its 12-month, hybrid ‘Vital’ training course that has been designed for medical professionals, psychotherapists, coaches, nurses and complementary health practitioners. 

David Drapkin, Director of Education and Training at Psychedelics Today, explained that in line with its mission to facilitate access to psychedelic education, Psychedelics Today has also launched the Vital Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Fund to ensure accessibility to the course.

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Blossom – Making Psychedelic Education Accessible with David Drapkin from Psychedelics Today

David is the Director of Education & Training at Psychedelics Today. David is also a father, husband, and seasoned mental health and addiction practitioner. He has worked on the front line of healthcare for over 15 years. David envisions a future where psychedelics play a central role in redefining true wellness. 

We spoke with him about scaling Psychedelics Today, making psychedelic education more accessible, and how to holistically approach psychedelic education.

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Taos News – Psychedelic therapy gains support in NM, momentum nationwide

The draft of New Mexico’s first-ever psychedelic therapy bill isn’t publicly available yet, but support from open-minded residents in ski towns like Taos just might encourage legislators to vote yes on it, according to Joe Moore, Breckenridge, Colorado-based co-founder of Psychedelics Today.

Psychedelics Today offers the kind of psychedelics education and training that New Mexico legislators will likely ask about when they’re asked to consider the bill to create a psilocybin mushroom therapy program during the upcoming 60-day legislative session. The bill is being drafted with the help of the New Mexico Psychedelic Science Society, which told the Taos News that the proposed legislation so far has the sponsorship of District 25 state Rep. Christine Trujillo, chair of the Legislative Health and Human Services Committee. Legislation may be pre-filed beginning Jan. 3.

“There’s that culture built into ski towns and people who have been stewards of these experiences and substances for many years,” said Moore. “Grateful Dead and Phish, the kind of underground current — these were the most frequent users in that quiet period after the 60s really quieted down. Ski towns played a part in that. They were kind of a hub in the same way cities like San Francisco were.”

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AP News – Psychedelics Today Re-Launches Vital Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Scholarship Fund to Support Student Practitioners

Psychedelics education and media leader, Psychedelics Today, is pleased to announce the re-launch of its Vital Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Fund, created to provide financial support to students enrolling in the 12-month intensive practitioner training program, Vital.

The fund, originally launched in January 2022, received support from the psychedelic community and corporate donors, which resulted in scholarships for 68 students in the first cohort of Psychedelics Today’s training program. Donor funding combined with Psychedelics Today’s own contribution resulted in $211,000 in scholarships awarded.

“We believe that fair access to psychedelics begins with fair access to essential education and training,” said Joe Moore, Psychedelics Today CEO. “As a result of this program, these underrepresented students received life-changing support to build their own expertly trained psychedelic careers, which would likely not have been possible otherwise.”

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AP News – Psychedelics Today Launches “Psychedelics Tonight”

Psychedelics Today is launching its brand new, half-hour show on ALTRD.TV called “ Psychedelics Tonight ” on Monday, September 26th at 6 p.m PDT, where co-founders and co-hosts Joe Moore and Kyle Buller dive deep into the history, regulations, culture, Indigenous and modern uses and future applications for psychedelic compounds, pairing hard journalism with whimsical psychedelia.

New episodes will drop every Monday through October and will be available to stream for free on all major platforms (Apple, Android, Roku, Plex) through the ALTRD.TV app or online (no subscription required).

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The Pharma Letter – The psychedelic medicine renaissance: how could the route to market play out?

Psychedelics will soon be treating a mental health patient near you.

The quality and breadth of clinical data that has already emerged, coupled with ever-increasing regulatory and political acceptance – along with enormous need in the mental health space – mean that it is now only a matter of time before these compounds start to be authorized in multiple markets and conditions.

Read more from Psychedelics Today Director of Education, David Drapkin, in this article by The Pharma Letter.

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Fierce Healthcare – Psychedelics Today to offer yearlong certificate course on psychedelic therapy

Psychedelics Today, an education company, will soon be launching an in-depth, 12-month training focused on psychedelic therapy and integration.

“In the current marketplace, there’s actually a gap,” the company’s director of operations and strategic growth, David Drapkin, told Fierce Healthcare. Demand for psychedelic therapy is thriving, but the field remains available primarily only to clinicians. As a result, many are giving therapy in an unregulated space.

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Psychedelic Health – New course launches to bridge the psychedelic education gap

With the industry fast developing, trained professionals are vital for the delivery of psychedelic healthcare. To bridge the education gap in the field, Psychedelics Today has launched its new training programme.

The Vital 12-month, immersive, inclusive and personal psychedelic certificate training will focus on psychedelic therapy and integration for professionals.

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Vice – How to Microdose Drugs Based on What You’re Using

There’s no scientific definition of microdosing, but generally, it means taking 1/20th to 1/10th the usual dose of a drug. LSD and mushrooms are probably the most common choices, but the world of microdosing is a lot bigger (and wilder, and more colorful) than that. Drugs that might seem more intimidating, like DMT or mescaline, can be microdosed, too, if someone knows what they’re doing. 

Read more on microdosing LSD from Psychedelics Today CEO and Co-Founder Joe Moore in this Vice article.

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Psychedelic Spotlight – The Top 5 Psychedelics Podcasts

Catch Psychedelics Today in this Top 5 roundup by Psychedelic Spotlight. From the article:

New psychedelic podcasts are popping up every week, but which ones are worth listening to? Here’s a few of our favorites.

As psychedelics re-enter the mainstream, people from around the world are hungry to learn more about the mind altering substances. And while, of course, a great way to do this is by reading publications such as Psychedelic Spotlight, some enjoy the medium of podcasts over reading.

The only problem? In an age of infinite podcasts, finding a good one can be tricky.

It’s with that in mind that I decided to compile a list of the Top 5 Psychedelic Podcasts, presented in no particular order.

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