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Third Wave – Navigating Psychedelic Business Realities: Insights & Lessons

In this illuminating episode of The Psychedelic Podcast, host Paul F. Austin engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Joe Moore, the CEO of Psychedelics Today.

Recorded in-person at the 2023 reMind conference in Las Vegas, this conversation delves into the profound lessons and insights gained from navigating the unique challenges of the psychedelic space. Paul and Joe unpack the often-overlooked necessity of incorporating best business practices into psychedelic companies and explore the critical components of effective psychedelic training or coaching programs. Join Paul and Joe as they break down their respective programs—the Psychedelic Coaching Institute’s Coaching Certification Program and Vital Psychedelic Training—and compare the content and approach of each.

Together, Paul and Joe share their hard-earned lessons from running psychedelic businesses, discuss the pros and cons of relying on investments in the psychedelic space, and ponder the potential future of the psychedelic landscape amidst legal shifts and evolving healthcare models. This conversation provides an insightful and balanced exploration into the heart of the psychedelic renaissance.

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The High Guide – Unlocking the Potential: Psychedelic Workforce Insights with David Drapkin

Host April Pride engages in a conversation with David Drapkin, Director of Education & Training for Psychedelics Today, to review the report titled “The Emerging Psychedelic Workforce” released by Vital, a psychedelic facilitator training program. Gain a better understanding of how individuals trained in psychedelic-assisted therapy are incorporating their skills into various careers, the role of personal experiences in career choices, and the intention to serve diverse communities.

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Greenstate – Beyond the Counterculture: The Emerging Psychedelic Workforce

In a world where the search for mass mental wellness is becoming ever more desperate, a quiet but powerful revolution is underway.

The resurgence of interest in psychedelics – a topic that once echoed mostly in the halls of counterculture – is mobilizing a global workforce to usher in a new era of healing. Perhaps this is the most significant psychedelic movement since the 1960s, with people from all walks of life and professional backgrounds are eagerly getting involved.

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Psychedelic Health – Vital report explores employment in the psychedelics industry

Psychedelics Today recently surveyed students and graduates of its 12-month intensive professional psychedelic certification programme, Vital, publishing its findings in The Emerging Psychedelic Workforce report.

Aiming to understand more about the emerging workforce, Psychedelics Today spoke to 130 students and graduates of its Vital course about how they are building their psychedelic careers.

With the nascent psychedelics industry seeing rapid progress, the report highlights the need for a knowledgeable workforce of people with a variety of skills — not just doctors and therapists.

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Psychedelics Today recently surveyed students and graduates of its 12-month intensive professional psychedelic certification programme, Vital, publishing its findings in The Emerging Psychedelic Workforce report.

David Drapkin, Director of Education at Psychedelics Today, discussed the findings, emphasising the growth of the industry and highlighting the significance of personal experience and motivations for entering the field, as well as the importance of education and awareness.

“The report shows that our future workforce is going to have a lot of diversity on multiple levels including racial and ethnic diversity and LGBTQ representation,” said Drapkin.

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Mycoprenuer Podcast – Joe Moore & Kyle Buller: Psychedelics Today

Joe Moore and Kyle Buller are the Founders of Psychedelics Today, the planetary hub for individuals, practitioners, and professionals exploring psychedelics.

They join me to talk about the state of the psychedelics space, which they continue to shape after six years being at the forefront of it.

We talk about their Vital training program for psychedelics for professional training in psychedelic therapy and integration, their upcoming Convergence conference from March 30-April 2, 2023 in Los Angeles, and why all of us should focus on ending the drug war and eradicating the DEA above and beyond our own personal pursuits in the space.

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Psychedelic Health – Psychedelics Today: improving access to psychedelic therapy training

Psychedelics Today launched out of a passion for psychedelic education with a podcast that has to date generated over four million downloads.

In a bid to bring this education to more people, the organisation has launched its 12-month, hybrid ‘Vital’ training course that has been designed for medical professionals, psychotherapists, coaches, nurses and complementary health practitioners. 

David Drapkin, Director of Education and Training at Psychedelics Today, explained that in line with its mission to facilitate access to psychedelic education, Psychedelics Today has also launched the Vital Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Fund to ensure accessibility to the course.

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Blossom – Making Psychedelic Education Accessible with David Drapkin from Psychedelics Today

David is the Director of Education & Training at Psychedelics Today. David is also a father, husband, and seasoned mental health and addiction practitioner. He has worked on the front line of healthcare for over 15 years. David envisions a future where psychedelics play a central role in redefining true wellness. 

We spoke with him about scaling Psychedelics Today, making psychedelic education more accessible, and how to holistically approach psychedelic education.

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Taos News – Psychedelic therapy gains support in NM, momentum nationwide

The draft of New Mexico’s first-ever psychedelic therapy bill isn’t publicly available yet, but support from open-minded residents in ski towns like Taos just might encourage legislators to vote yes on it, according to Joe Moore, Breckenridge, Colorado-based co-founder of Psychedelics Today.

Psychedelics Today offers the kind of psychedelics education and training that New Mexico legislators will likely ask about when they’re asked to consider the bill to create a psilocybin mushroom therapy program during the upcoming 60-day legislative session. The bill is being drafted with the help of the New Mexico Psychedelic Science Society, which told the Taos News that the proposed legislation so far has the sponsorship of District 25 state Rep. Christine Trujillo, chair of the Legislative Health and Human Services Committee. Legislation may be pre-filed beginning Jan. 3.

“There’s that culture built into ski towns and people who have been stewards of these experiences and substances for many years,” said Moore. “Grateful Dead and Phish, the kind of underground current — these were the most frequent users in that quiet period after the 60s really quieted down. Ski towns played a part in that. They were kind of a hub in the same way cities like San Francisco were.”

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AP News – Psychedelics Today Re-Launches Vital Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Scholarship Fund to Support Student Practitioners

Psychedelics education and media leader, Psychedelics Today, is pleased to announce the re-launch of its Vital Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Fund, created to provide financial support to students enrolling in the 12-month intensive practitioner training program, Vital.

The fund, originally launched in January 2022, received support from the psychedelic community and corporate donors, which resulted in scholarships for 68 students in the first cohort of Psychedelics Today’s training program. Donor funding combined with Psychedelics Today’s own contribution resulted in $211,000 in scholarships awarded.

“We believe that fair access to psychedelics begins with fair access to essential education and training,” said Joe Moore, Psychedelics Today CEO. “As a result of this program, these underrepresented students received life-changing support to build their own expertly trained psychedelic careers, which would likely not have been possible otherwise.”

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AP News – Psychedelics Today Launches “Psychedelics Tonight”

Psychedelics Today is launching its brand new, half-hour show on ALTRD.TV called “ Psychedelics Tonight ” on Monday, September 26th at 6 p.m PDT, where co-founders and co-hosts Joe Moore and Kyle Buller dive deep into the history, regulations, culture, Indigenous and modern uses and future applications for psychedelic compounds, pairing hard journalism with whimsical psychedelia.

New episodes will drop every Monday through October and will be available to stream for free on all major platforms (Apple, Android, Roku, Plex) through the ALTRD.TV app or online (no subscription required).

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The Pharma Letter – The psychedelic medicine renaissance: how could the route to market play out?

Psychedelics will soon be treating a mental health patient near you.

The quality and breadth of clinical data that has already emerged, coupled with ever-increasing regulatory and political acceptance – along with enormous need in the mental health space – mean that it is now only a matter of time before these compounds start to be authorized in multiple markets and conditions.

Read more from Psychedelics Today Director of Education, David Drapkin, in this article by The Pharma Letter.

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Fierce Healthcare – Psychedelics Today to offer yearlong certificate course on psychedelic therapy

Psychedelics Today, an education company, will soon be launching an in-depth, 12-month training focused on psychedelic therapy and integration.

“In the current marketplace, there’s actually a gap,” the company’s director of operations and strategic growth, David Drapkin, told Fierce Healthcare. Demand for psychedelic therapy is thriving, but the field remains available primarily only to clinicians. As a result, many are giving therapy in an unregulated space.

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Psychedelic Health – New course launches to bridge the psychedelic education gap

With the industry fast developing, trained professionals are vital for the delivery of psychedelic healthcare. To bridge the education gap in the field, Psychedelics Today has launched its new training programme.

The Vital 12-month, immersive, inclusive and personal psychedelic certificate training will focus on psychedelic therapy and integration for professionals.

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Vice – How to Microdose Drugs Based on What You’re Using

There’s no scientific definition of microdosing, but generally, it means taking 1/20th to 1/10th the usual dose of a drug. LSD and mushrooms are probably the most common choices, but the world of microdosing is a lot bigger (and wilder, and more colorful) than that. Drugs that might seem more intimidating, like DMT or mescaline, can be microdosed, too, if someone knows what they’re doing. 

Read more on microdosing LSD from Psychedelics Today CEO and Co-Founder Joe Moore in this Vice article.

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Psychedelic Spotlight – The Top 5 Psychedelics Podcasts

Catch Psychedelics Today in this Top 5 roundup by Psychedelic Spotlight. From the article:

New psychedelic podcasts are popping up every week, but which ones are worth listening to? Here’s a few of our favorites.

As psychedelics re-enter the mainstream, people from around the world are hungry to learn more about the mind altering substances. And while, of course, a great way to do this is by reading publications such as Psychedelic Spotlight, some enjoy the medium of podcasts over reading.

The only problem? In an age of infinite podcasts, finding a good one can be tricky.

It’s with that in mind that I decided to compile a list of the Top 5 Psychedelic Podcasts, presented in no particular order.

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Healthline – Mental Health Breakthrough: The Therapeutic Benefits of Psychedelics

According to Psychedelics Today podcast co-founder and CEO Joe Moore, many “classical psychedelics” have been available in the West for decades, largely illegally and for recreational use. These include:

– psilocybin (magic mushrooms)
– lysergic acid (LSD or acid)
– mescaline (peyote)

“Many more have been developed since, and many more are still being developed for assorted medical indications,” Moore adds.

“We don’t yet have a full grasp of this on account of prohibition and inappropriate barriers to research,” says Moore. “What we do know is that at the very least, the mind is distributed through the body.”

Catch more of the interview with Joe in this Healthline article.

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PsychCentral – All About Psychedelic Therapy

Psychedelics have been used as religious, medicinal, and wellness tools in many cultures and parts of the world for centuries. But in recent years, researchers have been studying the potential healing properties of these substances for mental health conditions. 

Although clinical studies on the therapeutic use of psychedelics are still underway, current research suggests that they may be able to help treat certain mental health conditions, like depression and PTSD, and improve overall mental health. 

This fascinating alternative practice is known as psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy (PAP), or psychedelic therapy.

“Psychedelic therapy is the process of taking a psychedelic substance within a therapeutic setting, which typically includes psychotherapy,” explains Kyle Buller, MS, cofounder and director of training and clinical education at Psychedelics Today.

Catch more from Kyle in this interview with PsychCentral.

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Green Market Report – Are Psychedelics Leaving Minorities Behind?

The ancient origins of psychedelics used by humans are well known. For thousands of years, various indigenous people from all parts of the world have used psychedelics for certain ceremonies, medicines, and recreational purposes: Ayahuasca by the indigenous people of the Amazon; Psilocybin by the Aztecs; Peyote by Native Americans in the west; Ibogaine by indigenous people in west-central Africa.

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Psychedelic Spotlight – Interview with Joe Moore, Founder & CEO of Psychedelics Today


Listen here.

On the Psychedelic Spotlight podcast this week, we’re excited to have Joe Moore. He is the Founder and CEO of Psychedelics Today, one of the leading psychedelic education platforms in the space.

In this episode, Joe discusses some of his background and his journey into psychedelics, the current landscape of the industry and his thoughts on its general direction, and some topics that get him going, including legislation and reform, drug exceptionalism, and why we need to defund the DEA to really progress the movement overall. He also shares his thoughts on the future and what we might have to look forward to as psychedelics continue down the trajectory of decriminalization and possibly legalization.

*Psychedelics Today has just launched a holistic, immersive 12-month certificate training program for professionals to master the elements of psychedelic-informed therapy and integration, beginning April 2022.

Designed by trusted education leaders Psychedelics Today and taught by over 30 industry pioneers in a digital environment, Vital bridges academic, clinical, philosophical, and reflective approaches to healing.

The program features experiential retreats and offers flexible payment plans with diversity and equity scholarships available. No prerequisites are required.

Applications are open until March 27. Visit vitalpsychedelictraining.com for more information or to apply.


Talking about Coaching & Psychedelics


In this episode we’re talking to Joe Moore, Co-founder and CEO of Psychedelics Today about coaching & psychedelics. 

Joe grew up in New Hampshire (United States) and did his undergraduate in Philosophy. In his second year he learned about Stanislav Grof´s Holotropic breathwork and started working with this style of breathwork. Through this work he got more and more in contact with others interested in psychedelics and since then he never left this field again.

Today he is the CEO of Podcast & Blog on Psychedelics named Psychedelics Today, educates doctors and therapists about (psychedelic) drugs. He also offers courses for coaches on psychedelic preparation and integration. 

In this episode we talk with Joe about his work, what is offered by Psychedelics Today, about his view on different coaching approaches and what coaches in the field of psychedelics should know. But we also talk about the legal and research situation of psychedelics and when to send someone to a therapist vs. a coach. He shares with us a lot of insights regarding his own philosophy and which books to be read when starting with psychedelics. 


Are magic mushrooms going mainstream? | The Stream

From YouTube Description:

Efforts to decriminalise psilocybin, more commonly known as magic mushrooms, are gathering momentum in the United States.

The cities of Denver, Oakland and Santa Cruz have already decriminalised the psychedelic drug. Washington DC is soon expected to vote on whether to follow suit. And the state of Oregon is set to hold a poll on full legalisation.

The push is in part led by medical researchers who are finding growing evidence that the substance can effectively treat mental health conditions such as depression and PTSD.

In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has fast-tracked research on psilocybin as a treatment for PTSD, calling it a potential breakthrough therapy.

Young tech entrepreneurs are also leading a charge towards mainstream acceptance, claiming that microdosing (taking psilocybin daily in very small amounts) can boost productivity and leadership skills.

In this episode of The Stream we ask, what evidence is there to support these claims and could magic mushrooms one day become as common in bathroom cupboards as vitamins?

On this episode of The Stream, we speak with: Danielle Herrera Harm Reduction and Psychedelic Psychotherapist sageinst.org Ismail Ali, @sage_izzy Policy and Advocacy Counsel, @MAPS maps.org Michelle Janikian, @m00shian Journalist michellejanikian.com

Joe Moore on Plant Medicine Podcast

In this week’s episode, Joe discusses how he and his co-founder, Kyle Buller started Psychedelics Today, and how their podcast led to them developing a number of online courses. Their upcoming course is Navigating Psychedelics for Clinicians and Therapists. This 8-week course is good for both those wanting to learn how to better understand a client’s needs as a physician or a therapist and for those looking to get a taste of what the psychedelic therapy world is like before embarking on a more traditional and expensive training program. 

Listen here.

Joe also talks about how mystical and spiritual experiences can play a role in psychology. While often overlooked in the current psychiatric system, Joe believes these spiritual and mystical experiences may help to heal patients in certain situations.

In this episode:

  • How Psychedelics Today started, and what led to offering courses.
  • What information Joe found lacking in the psychedelic community.
  • What to expect in the Navigating Psychedelics course and who it is for.
  • How psychological theories incorporate into the work of facilitation 
  • Spiritual Emergence and its potential benefit to the current psychiatric system


“We just thought the psychedelic world is really interesting, but it is really lacking regular discussion of Dr. Stan Groff and Holotropic Breathwork. So really it [The Psychedelics Today podcast] was a way that we could contribute and bring voices that we thought were important back to the foreground” [5:13] 

“I don’t want to be the Tony Robbins telling you how, you know, this is exactly how you should be charging at your problems. It’s like no – you need to take an individualized approach.” [13:03]

“If more people had a lot more support like we could see people self resolve things [trauma and psychological issues] instead of going into the psychiatric system for decades.” [26:13]

“You don’t get educated and then you’re done. This is a lifelong process.” [36:53]

Listen here – https://www.plantmedicine.org/podcast/navigating-psychedelics-joe-moore

Thought Room Podcast – Spiritual Emergency: Near-Death Experience & the Psychedelic Renaissance with Kyle Buller

Kyle joins Hallie Rose of the Though Room Podcast to share his story/journey.

About the Thought Room Podcast

The Thought Room is a combination of edge-of-your-seat storytelling and groundbreaking interviews with celebrated thought-leaders from around the world.

Recorded remotely everywhere from hotel rooms in New York City, to a camper van in Maine; from the coastal forests of Costa Rica, to a picnic blanket amongst grapes in a vineyard in Sedona—host Hallie Rose captures rich, face-to-face interviews and intimate storytelling in a variety of eccentric locations.

Through a collection of captivating conversations in the fields of health, spirituality, and personal development, the Thought Room provides a rare glimpse inside of the rawest aspects of being human. We take a deep dive into examining the events that shape us, the stories we weave, how we label our traumas, reclaim our power, and to what degree our thoughts can shape who we are.

Topics Explored: 

> Kyle’s near death experience at 16 years old, how that has shaped his life since

> Existential questions of life, connecting with ourselves, the human experience

> Non-ordinary states of consciousness

> Intuition, cultivating a relationship with our inner intelligence, the intelligence of the body

> Kyle’s organization Psychedelics today and the motivation behind founding it

> Is DMT released during near-death experiences? Does DMT feel similar to dying?

> Is it possible to consciously change our internal states through the manipulation of our breathing?  Can simply changing our breath-pattern send us into altered states of consciousness?

> Science/research on the medicinal and ceremonial use of psychedelic substances

> The ceremonial and ritual use of psychedelic substances throughout history, how it’s shaped our culture

> Drug policy, marginalizing populations within society

> Understanding the power of psychedelic substances, developing frameworks for this understanding, reconnecting to our traditional roots

> Research: Johns Hopkins, UCLA – psilocybin near-death anxiety research; Maryland Psychiatric Institute – Bill Richards, Stan Groff; MAPS; MDMA in the Therapeutic contexts? FDA: Phase 3 clinical trials

> Do we fully understand the power of these substances? Do we have proper structures in place to support it?

> Self-care, harm-reduction, integration

> ‘Spiritual emergence’

> Showing up for your life’s work 

Third Eye Drops

Kyle Buller

Kyle was interviewed recently by Third Eye Drops. Check it out!

In this mind meld, therapist and Psychedelics Today co-founder, Kyle Buller joins us to chat near-death experiences, the hugely overlooked power of breathwork, communing with the trickster archetype and much more.

Thrid Eye Drops

This media vessel has summoned another spectacular sentient sack of stardust to the mix. His name is Kyle Buller. We met in New York at the WITMA event a couple of weeks back and he’s an all-around lovely, insightful human— He’s a therapist with expertise in the physiological, psychological and psychedelic impact of breathwork. He’s also the co-founder of his own media vessel which you may have heard of, Psychedelics Today. They’ve too have a pod, a website and socials, definitely do the necessary keyboard mudras to check them out.

The Consciousness Podcast

The Consciousness Podcast

Kyle had the chance to record with The Consciousness Podcast in Febuary 2019. Kyle gets into some interesting topics from NDE, psychedelics and more!

This episode is a little different from what you’ve come to expect. I recently covered the Arizona Psychedelics Conference here in my home state of Arizona, hoping to learn from the insight gained by those who work in the healing world of psychedelic therapies. I had a chance to sit down with three incredible people who work in the field and get their ideas on human consciousness, based on their personal experiences and those with their patients and clients.

Arizona Psychedelics Conference
The first segment is with Kyle Buller, the co-founder of Psychedelics Today. Kyle has a BA in Transpersonal Psychology from Burlington College where he studied the healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness by exploring shamanism, plant medicine, Holotropic Breathwork, and psychedelic psychotherapy. We discussed his own Near Death Experience and what he learned about his own consciousness. You can learn more about his practice at www.settingsunwellness.com.

Listen here

We covered:

Transpersonal breathwork, Stan and Christina Groff
Vehicle to reach non-ordinary state of consciousness
Transpersonal layers, non-waking consciousness
NDE, and Kyle’s Experience
Access to new information; new view of the world; map of how the world worked
What is consciousness? Spirit? Body.
What does it mean to be alive?
Is the body a manifestation of a higher consciousness?
Non-ordinary states of consciousness, altered states of consciousness
The body is a receiver of consciousness, like a TV
Mind-body spirit connection; body experience produces emotions, mind changes
Cryptography of the human psyche

Voices in the Dark

Voices in the Dark – How to Use Psychedelics Safely

As psychedelics increasingly hit the mainstream, we need to educate ourselves about their risks as well as their incredible potential for healing and growth. While the headlines keep on coming about psychedelics boosting creativity and ‘curing’ depression, there’s far less accessible information available about the care and precautions involved in the research behind the news stories.

That’s where Psychedelics Today comes in, with a brilliantly-designed course on ‘Navigating Psychedelics’ (see below for our exclusive discount code!), dedicated to helping us approach, use and integrate psychedelics safely and to maximum effect. Kyle Buller, one half of the Psychedelics Today team, joins us this week to talk about the course, and why we need it.

Kyle suffered a near-fatal snowboarding accident as a teenager. As he lay in the hospital, his life hanging in the balance, he had an unusual meeting with death. Instead of a confrontation or a desperate clawing for life, he found himself absolutely at peace… which made coming back to life a lot more complicated.

He fell into depression, which would ultimately lead him to experiment with psychedelics in the effort to understand himself, life, and how to make sense of our fleeting existence on this planet. Since then, Kyle’s gone on to train in Transpersonal Psychology and has taught a History of Psychedelics course at university level.

We dig into the history of psychedelic therapy, from the times when LSD was shipped out to psychotherapists around the world with the request that they find some kind of use for it, to the prohibition years and the Third Wave of Psychedelics which we’re in today.

But this isn’t just about mushrooms and LSD. This is about healing and personal growth. The Navigating Psychedelics course incorporates a wealth of knowledge from the explorations of Stanislav Grof into the body’s ability to heal itself through breath- and bodywork. How much trauma do we hold onto in the cells of our body? And can meditative, trance-like states release repressed memories?

All of this is hard work, not to be taken lightly. We have to confront our shadows if we’re ever to integrate them. As Grof put it himself:

‘The full experience of a negative emotion is the funeral pyre of that emotion’

– Stanislav Grof

No Simple Road

No Simple Road

Joe Moore was recently interviewed over at No Simple Road. Episode 52 Check it out!

Episode 52- Breathing Deep with Joe Moore from Psychedelics Today Podcast

Joe Moore, Host of Psychedelics Today Podcast,  hangs out with us and discusses his journey into the realm of Holotropic Breathwork. He gives us an education on Dr. Stanislav Grof,  the methods and meaning of these techniques, why he personally gravitated to breathwork as a healing method, the means of the inner revolution, and how we need to still have fun while taking psychedelics.

About No Simple Road

We are more than just a Grateful Dead Podcast, more than a music and culture show, something other than a Deadhead family of cosmic wanderers…. we’re real people living a life uncommon. I know it helps me when I see people I listen to and realize they are flesh and blood, and it’s cool to have faces to put to the voices. So here we are in all our groovy glory. Listen to Episode 52 here.

No Simple Road

Transpersonal Breathwork, Spiritual Emergence, Integration and Much More

Kyle and Joe join Mike Brancatelli on his podcast, Mikeadelic, to chat about Transpersonal Breathwork, spiritual emergence, psychedelic integration, and much more.

From Mikeadelic

This was a fun one! and very informative as well. Kyle and Joe, Hosts of Psychedelics Today came on to chat about The state of psychedelics today, what they learned in 2017, and their projects that include an online course, a mushroom event in Jamaica and much more. We talk a lot about some serious issues for psychedelic beginners and experienced psychonauts (like, hey, anyone up for a week-long DMT trip?) – You don’t wanna miss this one.

Psilly Rabbits Podcast – Psychedelics Today with Kyle Buller


Kyle was featured on the Psilly Rabbits podcast hosted by

Check the episode out here: Kyle on Psilly Rabbits

Kyle Buller - Psychedelic Podcaster

About the episode:

This week Cody is joined by the co-host of Psychedelics Today Podcast, Kyle Buller. Kyle and his talented partner Joe Moore, just launched a new online course Navigating Psychedelics, Lessons on Self-Care and Integration. We of course discuss psychedelics, as well as NDE’s, holotropic breathwork, Stanislov Grof, shamanism, integration, and much, much more.

About Psilly Rabbits

Psilly Rabbits are endemic to the Pacific Northwest.  Psilly Rabbits discuss philosophical and experiential topics from an interdisciplinary approach, often interviewing professionals and specialists in many different fields of expertise.  From Alchemy to Zen, Ethnobotany to Aliens, and History to Myth; we always come back to altered states and the nature of consciousness.  Sustainability is another important factor in the life of the psilly rabbit.  Every episode will be heavily referenced when appropriate, and you can check out our reference page for links to any books mentioned here or just plain important according to these podcasters.

Amanda is a student of History, Philosophy, and Religion.  They are graduating this spring and are interested in mycology, ethnobotany, chickens, water, and worms.

Cody is a permaculture designer, history buff, LDS survivor, and amateur mycologist.  He is interested in researching ancient, esoteric, and lost practices in hopes that such knowledge can help lead humankind towards a more sustainable and healthy future for generations to come.

Psychedelia – Joe and Kyle interviewed by Paul Austin

Description from Psychedelia


This week we talk to Joe and Kyle from Psychedelics Today, a regular podcast that explores important events in the field of psychedelics. We hear about how Joe and Kyle met, and about their unique personal experiences with psychedelics. We end up pretty much covering it all – life, death, rebirth and (of course), holotropic breathwork.

Joe and Kyle met through a shared interest in holotropic breathwork – a technique for transpersonal development created by LSD-psychotherapist Stanislav Grof. Joe describes holotropic breathwork as a method of intense, focussed breathing, in a group setting, aided by loud, evocative music. It can often produce a psychedelic state that is used for healing or personal development – and many describe it as being similar to psychedelic therapy.

Now experienced holotropic practitioners, Joe and Kyle also run the Psychedelics Today podcast in an effort to provide a resource for anyone interested in any aspect of the psychedelic world – including holotropic breathwork.

Read the rest here.

Paul Austin – Host and Founder of Third Wave

The Big Chew Podcast: Psychedelics, Healing, and Transformation

Joe and Kyle were recently featured on the Big Chew podcast by Maria Theresa Stadtmueller.

Check it out here: The Big Chew 


TBC 011: Psychedelics, Healing, and Transformation

Can psychedelic drugs, and breathing techniques that achieve similar states, help heal our individual and collective emotional pain? Can they help us transform our society?

Here’s what we talk about in this episode’s delicious stuffing:

  • The Multidisciplinary Assoc. for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) and their sponsored, peer-reviewed research
  • How the War on Drugs delayed this research by decades
  • Kyle’s “near death” experience and his path; Joe’s path through philosophy, ayahuasca, and breathwork
  • Holotropic Breathwork, a non-substance alternative
  • Integration—a key to these therapeutic uses of psychedelics
  • The likeness of these journeys to mythic ones
  • The role of elders
  • Are we entering a psychedelic revolution?
  • Inventing new “rites of passage” (beyond getting a driver’s license and being able to buy booze.)