Upcoming Events

March 30-April 2, 2023: We’re ecstatic to announce CONVERGENCE, where conference meets festival. Immerse yourself in a 360-degree celebration of science, business, spirit, art, music, and community of psychedelia, all at L.A.’s iconic Wisdome.

Registration for our next cohort of Navigating Psychedelics is open! We are hosting 2 groups on Tuesdays and 2 groups on Wednesdays starting November 29th. Enroll Today!
The class launches Nov. 15, but enroll today at a special earlybird price of $99! In this self-guided class, we investigate the history, science, and best practices for safe and effective microdosing; with Adam Bramlage, founder of Flow State Micro, Dr. James Fadiman, the “father of modern microdosing,” and a dozen expert guest faculty.
October 12-16: Join us at the the northeast edition of Horizons, Horizons: New York, from October 12-13 at The New York Academy of Medicine and The Great Hall at The Cooper Union from October 14-16. Use code PSYCHEDELICSTODAY-NY-17 at checkout to receive 17% off!

Past Events

September 15: Free “Pain and Psychedelics” webinar co-presented by Court Wing of REMAP therapeutics

August 9: “Let’s Talk: Psychedelics and Queer Identity,” a Psychedelics Today webinar featuring Amy Bartlett, Dr. Clancy Cavnar, Terence Ching, Ph.D., and Steven Huang. Free, with donations going to Rainbow Railroad.

July 18: “Israeli Harm Reduction – A Real World Trip From Raves To Parliament“: A conversation with researcher and social worker Pinni Baumol covering the Israeli rave and ceremonial psychedelic scene, harm reduction efforts, and drug policy & advocacy. Part of the Vital webinar series. View the replay on YouTube.

June 28–30: Philosophy and Psychedelic Studies Hybrid Conference for Emerging Scholars at the University of Exeter

June 27: “Iboga Use in the Bwiti tradition and Urban Ibogaine Treatments: An Overview” – part of the Vital Webinar Series, co-presented by Chacruna

June 25: REMAP Therapeutics‘ first online “Psychedelics and Pain Symposium,” co-sponsored by Clusterbusters

June 25: Live podcast recording in Burlington, VT. Kylie interviewing Dr. Rick Barnett: “Exploring the Various Paradigms of Psychedelics.”

June 22: Free virtual conference in association with Psychedelics Now and Zuber Lawler

June 20-21: Psychedelic Science & Spirituality Summit, presented by the Psychedelic Society of Vermont (Joe and Kyle attended)

June 2: “Decolonizing Philanthropy and Indigenous Reciprocity in Psychedelics” – A Vital Webinar Series, co-presented by Chacruna

May 23-29: The Plant Spirit Summit, presented by EntheoNation (Kyle presented)

May 9: “Indigenous Uses of Psilocybin Mushrooms and Psychedelic Capitalism” webinar, co-hosted with Chacruna

April 17: “Religious Liberties & Measure 109: A Call to Action” webinar, co-hosted with the Portland Psychedelic Society

March 23: Free virtual conference hosted by Joe and in association with Psychedelics Now

March 10: Filling the Practitioner Gap

Feb 28: Eyes on Oregon with Jon Dennis Esq. and Joe Moore

January 15: Remap Therapeutics: Integrating Neuromuscular Rehabilitation with Psychedelics: Webinar

January 12: Dreamshadow Webinar series

January 6: Navigating Psychedelics for Clinicians and Therapists (January edition)