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Daniel McQueen

Medicinal Mindfulness

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Gabby Agin-Liebes

Can Psilocybin Help Ease Anxiety & Depression for Those Who Are Facing Death?

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Ingmar Gorman

MDMA Psychotherapy and how to get Involved with Psychedelic research

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Raven Renee Ray

The Aftercare Project

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Brian Normand

Horizons and Psymposia

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Psychedelic Therapy with MDMA

MDMA – Confessions of an Underground MDMA Therapist

"Can I use my mind as a tool to help me open a closed heart?" We talked to a 79-year-old ...
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Interview with Natalie Ginsberg: Global Psychedelic Policy and Advocacy

"Through my lens, so many problems in this world are driven by people acting from a reactionary place of fear ...
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Interview with Brian Normand: Psymposia Magazine and How to Get Involved

Kyle and Joe chatted with Brian Normand, Co-Founder of Psymposia, about the development of Psymposia and the online magazine that ...
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Such great content flowing from this podcast. Highly recommended if you have any interests in alternative medicines, states of consciousness, or just insightful conversations. Joe and Kyle know how to keep the conversations moving! ALL of the episodes have something new to offer! Much praise!
Podcast enthusiast

Great podcast. Fascinating discussions, plus Joe has a wonderful voice!

Excellent Discussions

The best thing about this podcast, aside from the smart, articulate, interesting guests, is the way that Kyle & Joe keep the discussion going: They ask informed, leading questions, and then SHUT UP, and let the guest talk. Imagine that!

Much needed content and podcast

Great start for this podcast bringing light to knowledge and information that needs to be shared. I just subscribed.

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