Maximize the therapeutic impact and safely guide your clients who use psychedelics to treat their chronic pain. Apply the latest neuroscience while incorporating time-tested methods using our evidence-informed protocols.

Many clinicians and therapists are hearing from clients and other professionals that many chronic pain sufferers are starting to explore using psychedelics to treat their conditions. And you may even have clients that have had major symptom reduction, if not outright remission and you ask yourself “But I thought this was just for mental health issues; isn’t this just placebo?” Not if you understand the revolution in pain science that has been occurring the last two decades simultaneous to the explosion of research in psychedelic science.

Our introductory seminar will introduce you to the basics of pain neuroscience, the history and current developments within clinical psychedelic research, and how both are employing nearly identical neuroplastic changes in the brain to create profound relief for their clients.

Integrating neuromuscular rehabilitation with psychedelics: webinar January 15, 12pm EST