Welcome to The Psychedelic Club of Breckenridge

Thanks for checking out the club! We have mostly copied the description below from a non-profit helping organize internationally – “The Psychedelic Club“. This Breckenridge club is not currently affiliated but this may change in the future. Continue reading to learn more about what we hope to accomplish.


To spread perspective about the positives and negatives associated with psychedelics (and other drugs) so the general public can make educated decisions both in what policies they support and in personal choices. We provide a community focused around innovative thinking, and educate about how psychedelics can be used in fields such as psychology, neuroscience, and healthcare (addiction, depression, anxiety, OCD, etc) . In addition to spreading awareness, we provide a sense of community for those interested in learning more about psychedelics and encourage open discussion about the scientific, spiritual, and traditional use of these psychoactive substances.


As this club is just getting launched, there is not an official kickoff event currently scheduled.
We will eventually be hosting weekly events at locations around town.
In time we will host talks, discussion, symposiums, and other community events where people can discuss psychedelics, distribute educational materials, give presentations, and learn about psychedelics.
Our goal is to achieve enhanced knowledge by inviting guests from programs such as MAPS and the APA, viewing films, and engaging in discussion. We provide opportunities for people that are interested in these substances spiritually, recreationally, intellectually, and medicinally, as well as opportunities for those that would just like to know more.


All activities, events, and programs would be in accordance to federal, state and local law.