The show is doing necessary and eloquent work in a blossoming field. I appreciate you guys very much, thanks !!

Smallie Buddz

This is a fantastic podcast in which Joe and Kyle interview fascinating guests who(m?) are experts in their respective areas of the field. It’s a relatively small community and I feel like I’m getting to know who’s who- excited to meet some at Horizons, which will be my first psychedelic conference! I am looking for guidance to get involved in the movement, and I really appreciate the constant efforts of Joe and Kyle to ask the interviewees what advice they have for myself and others trying to do the same. I love the integration of people from all facets of the work- researchers, activists, counselors, coaches etc. I feel like I’m getting the whole picture. Besides being wicked informative, the podcasts are really entertaining. Recommending to all. Keep it up!

Important Content Here!
Such great content flowing from this podcast. Highly recommended if you have any interests in alternative medicines, states of consciousness, or just insightful conversations. Joe and Kyle know how to keep the conversations moving! ALL of the episodes have something new to offer! Much praise!
Podcast enthusiast

Great podcast. Fascinating discussions, plus Joe has a wonderful voice!

Excellent Discussions

The best thing about this podcast, aside from the smart, articulate, interesting guests, is the way that Kyle & Joe keep the discussion going: They ask informed, leading questions, and then SHUT UP, and let the guest talk. Imagine that!

Much needed content and podcast

Great start for this podcast bringing light to knowledge and information that needs to be shared. I just subscribed.

I really enjoyed this episode and continue to learn from so many different individuals and experiences. Your podcast is so helpful, entertaining, informative and authentic. Thank you!!


I’ve learned a ton listening to this podcast! kyle and joe host really well, as in they don’t “ask a question” that is actually a statement just to hear themselves talk. so appreciated! super available via email and really friendly to boot. they bring on great guests and have a wealth of knowledge between the two of them as well. highly recommend!


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