PT492 – Alien Abductions and Parallel Realities: How Do You Validate the Radically Ineffable?

March 5, 2024
Featuring: Elizabeth Anglin

In this episode, Joe and guest co-host Erica Rex interview Elizabeth Anglin: spirit medium, animal communicator, intuitive healer, alien abductee, and author of Experience: Memoirs of an Abducted Childhood.

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In this episode, Joe and guest co-host Erica Rex interview Elizabeth Anglin: spirit medium, animal communicator, intuitive healer, alien abductee, and author of Experience: Memoirs of an Abducted Childhood.

She talks about her early abduction experiences, the time when she and her father realized they were both being abducted at the same time (from different locations), and the horrifying experience of six beings entering her apartment and realizing she knew one of them. These experiences led her to Budd Hopkins, and eventually John Mack (who did regression work with her) and the John E. Mack Institute, where she became a peer mentor for abductees. She talks about the validity of alien abductions, the concept of spiritual ecology, and the importance of listening to people: There’s so much we don’t know, so is it fair to label experiencers as schizophrenic just because we can’t replicate the experience?

She discusses:

  • The commonality of people from the same family being abducted and why some people are lifetime abductees while others are only taken once
  • The differences in abductions and how some seem to only be mental while others are physical and extremely painful
  • The story of Linda Napolitano and the famous Brooklyn Bridge abduction
  • Regressive hypnotherapy work: Are the memories you’re recovering accurate?
  • Quantum biology, the Penrose-Hameroff quantum theory of consciousness, parallel realities, time travel, and quantum jumping

and so much more! As the X-Files made famous: The truth is out there. And this episode is definitely pretty out there!

Notable Quotes

“I’m so sad about how our religions say that there’s only one being that can help you, because there are lots of beings that will help you. I’m not mad with the one being that our Western worldview says– I’m not mad with him at all, but, you know, there are lots of beings. You just have to not be afraid.”

“When you go through alien abduction stuff, especially when you first do it, the stuff that you remember is nothing that you could come up with from a movie or from your life or from what you know about life, and the physical stuff that happens is so painful that it’s nothing that you would want to come up with. It’s not like ‘I wanted to have this glorious experience.’ …How in the world could a movie make you come up with that stuff when there are no movies about it because there are no words for it and there’s no ontology for it? And it’s so incredibly painful, why would you do that?”

“We don’t understand our own minds, we don’t understand consciousness, [and] we have a religiosity around understanding what ego is. I grew up thinking that ego is this terrible thing, and now I’m like, no, it’s here to keep you in your body. …It’s all about being safe in your body. And when you work with your consciousness, it’s kind of not a thing because it doesn’t matter where your body is or if you even have one. At all these different levels of consciousness, you’re going to find bodies all over the place, and eventually, this one is just really a temporary meat sack. So, you know: Get over it, ego.”



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Elizabeth Anglin 4

In this Episode

Elizabeth Anglin

Elizabeth Anglin is the author of Experience: Memoirs of an Abducted Childhood, about living as an alien abductee and abduction research subject. Elizabeth spoke about her alien abduction experiences at The Abduction Studies Conference at MIT, and at The Open Forum at the Macht Building at Harvard. She was trained as a peer mentor for abductees through the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research, now the John E. Mack Institute. Once an administrator for scientific research groups at MIT, Elizabeth now works internationally as a spirit medium, animal communicator, and intuitive healer. She enjoys living in the art colony community of Madrid, New Mexico.

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Erica Rex 1

Erica Rex, MA

Erica Rex is an award-winning journalist with degrees from Stanford University and Brown University. She was a Bollinger Science Journalism Fellow at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She brings 30 years of medical and journalistic experience to the world of psychedelic medicine. She is embedded in the field of psychedelic research and writing on the re-emergence of psychedelic medicine for prestigious publications such as Scientific American, The New York Times, The Times (UK), The Independent, Mad in America, and Psychedelics Today. She speaks regularly with top researchers in the field in the UK, the US, and France. As both patient and thought leader on psychedelic medicine, she gives invited talks about her experience to professional conferences and federal agencies, such as the National Institutes of Health. She has been interviewed on NPR, Sky News, and many other news outlets. Her work lends a unique female perspective to the male-dominated field of psychedelic medicine, telling the story of psychedelics from two perspectives: patient/subject and highly accomplished science journalist, and CPTSD survivor. Her book, The Heroine’s Journey: A woman’s quest for sanity in the psychedelic age, weaves together memoir, narrative journalism, and science, and traces the story of psychedelics through the lens of her quest to heal from childhood trauma. She is represented by HighSpot Literary.

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