PT486 – 5-MeO-DMT, Somatic Release, and Creating Context for Spirituality

February 13, 2024
Featuring: Steve Rio

In this episode, Joe interviews Steve Rio: psychedelic guide, performance and transformation coach, musician, and co-founder of Enfold, a retreat center in BC, Canada.

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In this episode, Joe interviews Steve Rio: psychedelic guide, performance and transformation coach, musician, and co-founder of Enfold, a retreat center in BC, Canada.

While Enfold caters each experience to each client, they largely work with 5-MeO-DMT (which is unregulated in Canada); partly because of its power, and partly because Rio realized how much was missing in terms of safety and process when using the substance. They are trying to fill in the gaps, working with the University Health Network Centre for Mental Health to analyze measurements of mindfulness, DAS tests, the Brief Inventory of Thriving survey, and language used when describing experiences to collect as much qualitative data as possible. He discusses their screening process, why they work with synthetic 5-MeO-DMT, why they encourage everyone to go to a group session, and how 5-MeO seems to bypass psychological processes and largely be related to somatic release.

He talks about:

  • The power of 5-MeO and being humble and honest with yourself: Are you stable enough to handle the dysregulation?
  • 5-MeO bad actors and ‘Drive-by 5’ people who show up, do the drug, and leave
  • The plight of Sonoran Dessert toads and the need for more data around their declining populations
  • How 5-MeO seems to connect people with a higher power, and the need for the experiencer to find their own context for it
  • The importance of creating a clean and open container for spirituality and meeting the client where they are

and more!

Notable Quotes

“I think inserting any type of dogma is not really helpful in taking people through a psychedelic experience. I think there are some core basic principles around love, around compassion, around forgiveness, that I think everyone can agree with, but I think beyond that, it’s important for everybody to be able to contextualize their experience in the framing that feels right to them. …We try and create the clearest and simplest container for spirituality that allows for the depth of spirituality, but doesn’t necessarily try and say spirituality is one thing or another, because frankly, that’s a very personal choice.”

“These toads have quickly become close to extinct. And the whole region is in turmoil because of people coming to harvest toads. There’s cartel activities. I think there’s human safety risks, I think there’s animal safety risks. And once you work with synthetic, you realize that there’s so little difference between Bufo Alvarius and synthetic that it makes no sense to be working on healing, transformation, and consciousness expansion at the expense of this beautiful animal.”

“The more people can open up in a group setting, I think that’s an incredibly healing practice – to be able to be vulnerable, to be able to be heard, to hear other people’s stories and realize you’re not alone. To hear yourself in others is really powerful. I think, ultimately, the deepest healing does happen in community.”


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Steve Rio

In this Episode

Steve Rio

Steve Rio is the Co-Founder of Enfold, offering elevated, safe, and sacred retreats in BC, Canada. Steve is a psychedelic guide, performance and transformation coach, musician, and successful entrepreneur and investor. His life’s work focuses on raising consciousness and helping people realize their full potential. Steve sits on the board of Grateful Living and TheraPsil, is an advisor to Numinus, Holos Global, and Nikean Foundation, and mentors dozens of young entrepreneurs through multiple organizations.

Socials: Instagram / X / Enfold instagram