PT468 – Personalized Medicine, Biohacking, and Reconnecting to the Source

December 12, 2023
Featuring: Flor Bollini

In this episode, Joe interviews Flor Bollini. Named “The Corporate Shaman” by Forbes Magazine, she is an entrepreneur, medicine woman, and the Founder and CEO of NANA Health.

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In this episode, Joe interviews Flor Bollini. Named “The Corporate Shaman” by Forbes Magazine, she is an entrepreneur, medicine woman, and the Founder and CEO of NANA Health.

NANA Health is a platform that provides best practices, educational content, and peer to peer support around a framework that is fully personalized, using what they call “psychedelic-initiated transformative medicine.” Inspired by feminine energy, African tradition, and Ayurveda, their concept is that if you can’t afford a luxurious retreat, what can you do at home? What are the lifetime practices and biohacking techniques that can enable your self-healing capabilities to take over, with or without any psychedelics? Is your trajectory reversible?

She talks about accepting her healing destiny and what she learned from several ayahuasca experiences across different countries; contrast therapy and the use of sweat lodges throughout history; how so many of our struggles come from repressing sexual energy; why 5-MeO-DMT is the best tool to treat the most complex issues; the concept of using 5-MeO as a Eucharist in church; why we need to connect with the divine; and why we need more spirit in Western medicine.

Notable Quotes

“I was a non-believer and I had no framework. …But then psychedelics screw that up. If you’re agnostic, then you have a psychedelic experience; well, it doesn’t matter what you believe or not believed before. Now, you had the experience and you know there’s something, but you don’t have a framework of how to bring it back, what just happened. And especially serving 5-MeO is very drastic. There is no God, then there is a God, [then] you are God in five minutes.”

“Don’t be our intermediary anymore. Let me communicate directly with [the] source, because that is how we’ve been designed to work. And when you took that away from us, it actually affected us enormously; first, because we lose our connection with nature, we lose our connection with ourselves, we lose our connection with one another, we don’t understand sexuality as a healing and spiritual practice. It’s portrayed more like being a pig. …All the most direct ways of connecting with [the] source have been demonized.”

“At some point, you don’t need the medicine anymore. At some point, it is your lifestyle practices that sustain your transformation.”

“Spirit is important, and spirit is something that doesn’t exist in Western medicine.”




The Voudon Gnostic Workbook: Expanded Edition, by Michael Bertiaux

The Immortality Key: The Secret History of the Religion with No Name, by Brian C. Muraresku

Archive.org: Starseed: Transmitted from Folsom Prison, by Dr. Timothy Leary

Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, by Max Tegmark

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Flor Bollini

In this Episode

Flor Bollini

Pioneer, entrepreneur, and medicine woman. Named “The Corporate Shaman” by Forbes Magazine, Flor is regarded as one of the trailblazers in the plant medicine world. With over a decade of experience pioneering her empathetic, feminine approach to serving and integrating psychoactive medicines, her methods have been adopted by the leaders in the space and have made Flor one of the most respected psychospiritual entrepreneurs in the world. Flor is the founder and CEO of NANA Health, the world’s first integrative solution for mental health and wellness. She’s also the co-founder of ReWire Therapeutics LTD, a UK biotechnology company that provides the first time-released combination drug products in the psychedelic industry.

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