PT406 – Bicycle Day, Unveiling Entheon, and The Mystical Experience Through Art

April 18, 2023
Featuring: Alex & Allyson Grey

In this episode, on the eve of Bicycle Day, Victoria and Kyle interview two long-standing icons of visionary psychedelic art: Alex and Allyson Grey.

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In this episode, on the eve of Bicycle Day, Victoria and Kyle interview two long-standing icons of visionary psychedelic art: Alex and Allyson Grey.

They talk about the LSD trip that saved Alex’s life, connected him to Allyson, inspired his art, and even made him change his name; his decades-in-the-making “Sacred Mirrors” project of 21 7-foot tall pieces depicting the complex layers of human existence; the interconnectedness of life; the history of psychedelic art; how imagination and non-ordinary states help us connect with the divine; and the value of art in conveying the mystical experience.

Alex and Allyson are the Co-Founders of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, an interspiritual church/retreat center in upstate New York that, after years of work, is debuting Entheon: an art sanctuary and psychedelic reliquary featuring much of their art and work from favorite artists, a shrine to Tool (who Alex has worked with for most of their career), and a collection of relics from psychedelic legends that includes Albert Hofmann’s glasses, art signed by Stan Grof and the Shulgins, and even Timothy Leary’s ashes. Entheon opens on June 3, on the anniversary of the first acid trip the Greys took together, which gave them a framework for understanding life and an inspiration for art they still follow to this day.

And in honor of Bicycle Day, Alex talks about two pieces dedicated to Albert Hofmann, and continues his Bicycle Day tradition of reading a statement Hofmann made a year before he passed about psychedelics being the “absolute highest importance to consciousness change.” In celebration of Albert Hofmann and the gift he gave us, and with inspiration from the incredibly complex and beautiful art Alex and Allyson create, have a happy, safe, and creative Bicycle Day!

“St. Albert and the LSD Revelation Revolution” by Alex Grey

Notable Quotes

“I hadn’t had any insight that would prove to me any kind of spiritual reality was really there, even though I was making art. And I think from my perspective now: hey, if you’re being creative, you’re evidence. The creative spirit is what birthed the universe, and you’re an expression here and now of it. You’re evolving on that wavefront of reality that is binding time together and our beings together.” -Alex

“We could see the vast vista of fountains and drains of everyone, and every being and thing in the universe was interconnected and made of light, and in that, I think we felt connected rather than disconnected. We felt like we were individual and independent, but also interconnected with all beings and things. [It] makes you feel like there’s some importance to yourself, that you really are necessary in the web of the eternal.” -Allyson

“You’re making love with the divine in the mystical experience, in the divine imagination. That’s where the small self meets the larger self and becomes no self. So I think that the mystical experience is the cornerstone of the sacred traditions, and the artistic sacred traditions as well.” -Alex

“It took me right outside of my miserable psychodrama self and immediately, I got a psychic swirlie to show me the way. So that was a confirmation, and all my prayers basically were answered in that, and I got to meet the love of my life, really, because of it. So we’re very thankful, and it’s one of the reasons why we’ve always loved celebrating Bicycle Day.” -Alex

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Dr. Albert Hofmann’s quote from 2007 that they read every Bicycle Day Paracelsus “Net of Being” “Theologue” “Jewel Net of Indra” “Transfiguration” “The Great Turn”

“Albert Hofmann and the New Eleusis” by Alex Grey
Alex Grey 2

In this Episode

Alex Grey

Alex Grey is a visionary artist best known for his paintings which interweave biological anatomy with subtle spiritual energies and his portrayals of the psychedelic mystical experience. Grey’s visual meditations on the nature of life and consciousness are contained in three art monographs: “Sacred Mirrors,” “Transfigurations,” and “Net of Being, “and two philosophical texts: The Mission of Art and Art Psalms, reflecting on creativity as a spiritual practice. Alex Grey has been on the Watkins top 100 Living Spiritual Leaders list since 2011. Alex’s artworks have been an important part of the rock band Tool‘s stage shows, animations, and album art since 2001, and his iconic art has been tattooed on thousands of fans around the world. Through his popular TedX talk, and social media, Grey is an important mapmaker and spokesperson for the psychedelic visionary realm. An exhibition of Grey’s artworks are installed in Entheon at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in upstate New York.

Socials: Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

Photo by Eric Allen

Allyson Grey 2

Allyson Grey

Allyson Grey is a painter whose art, inspired by psychedelic mystical experiences, expresses an essentialized world view, interpreting realms of Chaos, Order and Secret Writing: Chaos – the material world; Order – the interconnected realm of energy and light; and Secret Writing – an untranslatable language of creative expression. Her watercolors and oil paintings have been widely exhibited and included in many corporate and private collections, with numerous works commissioned for permanent installations. With an MFA from Tufts University, Allyson has long been an editor, art organization and program developer, art educator, and a muse to artists worldwide, represented by her long-running blog, Ask Allyson About Art & Life.

Socials: Instagram / Facebook

Alex and Allyson

Together, the Greys co-founded the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM), a spiritual creative retreat center with 40 wooded acres and wisdom trails in the Hudson Valley of New York. Full Moon Ceremonies have been held by CoSM for twenty years. CoSM’s mission is to build an enduring sanctuary of visionary art to uplift the global community. The Greys have painted together on stage with musicians before thousands of fans at New York Broadway theaters, at sold-out festivals, and arenas in dozens of international cities across five continents. As long-time advocates of cognitive liberty, a growing international sacramental culture has embraced the Greys as important mapmakers and spokespersons for the visionary realm. The Greys collaborated with Meow Wolf, Las Vegas to create the Infinitizer installation, which opened in 2021. This summer, the CoSM team is opening Entheon, the Visionary Art sanctuary at CoSM.