Psychedelics Weekly – Genetic Memory, “The Psychedelic Renaissance,” and Harm Reduction at Music Festivals

December 9, 2022
Featuring: Joe Moore & David Drapkin

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In this week’s episode, Joe and David team up for the first time to discuss three articles: Chacruna’s breakdown of the study, “Ceremonial Ayahuasca in Amazonian Retreats – Mental Health and Epigenetic Outcomes From a Six-Month Naturalistic Study,” Double Blind’s “Why the ‘Psychedelic Renaissance’ is just Colonialism by Another Name,” and the results from the trial of a 20-year old woman who died at the 2017 Lightning in a Bottle music festival – where the jury found Do Lab, Inc., RGX Medical, and RGX Founder Richard Gottlieb to hold 75% of the liability in her death, with MAPS holding 25%.

In discussing these articles, much is covered: methylation and genetic memory; addiction; gut biome; cesarian births; how much inequality is built into the “psychedelic renaissance” due to it primarily evolving out of inherently unequal Western societal paradigms; permaculture; new ways to be together; Burning Man; the concept of the nuclear family; the power in working with your hands; creativity; harm reduction and the lack of readily available drug testing kits; and more.



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Joe Moore

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