PT349 – Slowing Down, The Ethics of Touch, and The Value of Preparation

August 23, 2022
Featuring: Brenna Gebauer, Mark Haberstroh

In this episode, Joe interviews transformational coach and guide, Brenna Gebauer; in-person from her parents’ RV at this year’s Lightning in a Bottle festival. Facilitator, past guest, and friend, Mark Haberstroh stops in as well. 

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In this episode, Joe interviews transformational coach and guide, Brenna Gebauer; in-person from her parents’ RV at this year’s Lightning in a Bottle festival. Facilitator, past guest, and friend, Mark Haberstroh stops in as well. 

Gebauer discusses her realization that everything that psychedelics show us is already within us; how to hold ethical spaces and establish accountability in underground, unregulated communities; touch in therapy and how to truthfully establish consent; the importance of slowing down; how Oregon’s impending legal psilocybin model is moving too fast for facilitators to truly get the training and (legal) experience they likely need; and the under-discussed value of preparing for the psychedelic experience, which is often where the transformation truly begins. 

In this very conversational talk, we get much more of Joe than usual, with Haberstroh jumping in from time to time as well, resulting in a Solidarity Fridays-esque episode (should we bring those back?) touching on many topics: Vipassana meditation, the hegelian dialectic; fusion therapy; Robert Anton Wilson and reality tunnels; Octavio Rettig and Gerry Sandoval; using the word “medicine” instead of “substance” or “drug”; the community that comes from our Navigating Psychedelics course (that’s where everyone met); why different communities need to share their techniques and knowledge with each other; and the necessity of conflict in progress – how can we open up opportunities for fair dialogue instead of just worrying about “winning” an argument?

Notable Quotes

“Everything that psychedelics show you is already inside of you.”

“There’s so many tools that [veterans] can start using on a day-to-day basis that are going to set the stages for these major journeys to be more transformative. And I think those tiny habits in general are where a lot of these big changes happen – tiny habits that are done consistently.” 

“I’m a firm believer that we heal together. Even if we do it on an individual level, it has a ripple effect on everybody you come in contact with.”  

“The preparation, the journey, and the integration are almost of equal importance. In fact, I have seen people have huge transformations in the preparation process that [were] exceeding their expectations of what they were going to get out of the entire thing, and then the medicine just became a springboard to it. This has not been proven in research, but I believe that when you are intentionally moving in the direction of doing this work, that it’s almost like part of your being starts to know it’s [being] given an invitation to be seen, and those things come to the surface and you can really start addressing them.”  


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Brenna Gebauer 2

In this Episode

Brenna Gebauer

Brenna Gebauer is a Southern California-based Transformational Coach and Guide. In her former life, Brenna spent decades building the ideal career based on society’s standards, which left the external boxes checked but her soul empty. Psychedelics found her when she needed them most. After a 10-day silent meditation retreat, Brenna followed her inner wisdom to support making psychedelics available for more people to utilize for healing and growth. Today, Brenna has guided and witnessed countless individuals change the course of their life through facilitating experiences where they became more authentic, loving versions of themselves.

Brenna is a deep supporter of Veterans on their path to heal from the wounds left in service of our country. Brenna is an advocate and guide for others in the community to find support and growth while maintaining the highest ethical standards. Her work is centered around creating a sacred container for the soul, nourished by compassion and love, with a focus on tapping into inner wisdom and cultivating self-love as a means of supporting healing and creating deep connection.

Socials: Instagram / Facebook / Linkedin

Mark Haberstroh 2

In this Episode

Mark Haberstroh

Mark Haberstroh has been an avid student and practitioner of different mushroom modalities for over six years, beginning his studies in Alabama. After attending his first psilocybin mushroom retreat as a participant, he found his first mentor, and apprenticed under this teacher for two years before beginning to work with people on his own in a therapeutic setting. During this time, he also co-founded Alabama’s first gourmet and medicinal mushroom farm. Since then, he moved on to deepen his studies and gather further experience, working with psilocybin mushroom retreat centers in Mexico, Jamaica, and the Netherlands. He is also a contributor to Psychedelics Today’s Navigating Psychedelics for Clinicians and Therapists course. He’s now assisting with microdose hikes in Oakland, leading mushroom preparation circles, collaborating with psychedelic communities, and continuing his education of working with entheogens. ‍Holding space for individual and group mushroom experiences has been the most fulfilling work of his life.

Socials: Instagram / Email Mark