PTSF73 – Origin Stories, Complexity, and Transpersonal Psychology

August 20, 2021

In this week’s Solidarity Fridays episode, we’re back to the old school crew of Joe and Kyle again, this time with no news but plenty of conversation. 

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In this week’s Solidarity Fridays episode, we’re back to the old school crew of Joe and Kyle again, this time with no news but plenty of conversation. 

They first talk about the origin of Psychedelics Today and the first version of Navigating Psychedelics: how they found themselves wanting more and more to talk about transpersonal experiences and realizing they were living in a culture where professors didn’t want to talk about any kind of depth work, nobody at conferences seemed to know much about Stan Grof or Holotropic Breathwork, the drug war was raging on, and even Rick Strassman was telling Kyle that science doesn’t want to hear about the transpersonal. 

From there, they discuss a lot more: How the limitations of humanistic psychology led to the creation of transpersonal psychology, what the term “transpersonal” entails, how different ecosystems demand different rules, the concept of negentropy, William James, the logistics of reincarnation, why it’s wrong to dismiss archetypal astrology, the idea of healing as a side effect of exploration, and the difficulty of creating a training manual for something as relational and process-oriented as Holotropic Breathwork or psychedelic therapy.   

And they talk about their goals with Psychedelics Today: Learn to work with the nuance and wild complexity that lives in all parts of this psychedelic renaissance, take small steps to achieve small goals, remember to live passionately and not fall into a capitalistic rat race, and most importantly; to do their best to work together with everyone else in this space to make this more of a community.

Notable Quotes

“Thinking about psychedelics in general and psychedelic therapy, do we create these highly detailed protocols around the therapy, or do we understand the art of it and leave space open for more of a process-oriented approach and understanding that there’s a lot of nuance and it’s really hard to proceduralize some of this stuff?” -Kyle

“Study a particular science far enough and you’ll see that the science ends at a certain point.” -Joe

“It doesn’t make sense. All of this stuff doesn’t make sense. We’re paying tax dollars to incarcerate people for not hurting other people …when we could be spending those dollars to help us survive the next 50 years better by spending on climate projects. Why is it better to lock families up for generations than to save countless lives in the future and preserve biodiversity on the planet?” -Joe

“What is existence other than chaos with a little bit of rhyming with the past?” -Joe


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The Way of the Psychonaut Vol. 1: Encyclopedia for Inner Journeys, by Stanislav Grof

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