Kyle and Joe – Solidarity Fridays – Week 6 with Brett Greene

In today’s Solidarity Friday’s Episode, Kyle and Joe sit down with Brett Greene, who was the very first guest on Psychedelics Today four years ago. In response to last week’s episode on the Corporadelic topic, Brett comes on the show to talk about companies and drug discovery.Show Notes

Brett Greene

  • Brett Greene was the very first guest on Psychedelics Today four years ago
  • Brett and Kyle originally met at the Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics conference in New York City in 2013.
  • He works at The Center for Drug Discovery

Drug Development

  • At his new company, they are making drugs from tryptamines that are more predictable
    • His team has not only done this countless of times with the FDA, they have also done it with psychedelics


  • The psychedelic movement doesn’t own psychedelics, they don’t own molecules, but they do own their history
  • “We should get away from the right and wrongness of the mechanics, and get into the right and wrongness of the ethics” – Brett
  • “Patents are the language of invention” – Brett
  • “An ethical charter is one that covers cognitive liberty, business ethics, and responsibility and accountability for patient safety” – Brett
  • What are the minimal acceptable requirements when doing this work?

Final Thoughts

  • We need to be kind with each other
  • We need to balance truth with kindness and compassion
  • For those interested in a work postiton email 

About Brett Greene

Brett works in research administration under Alexandros Makriyannis, one of the world’s top cannabinoid researchers. His job consists of a multitude of functions, ranging from administrative support for a team of 15+ grant submitting scientists to lab equipment and lab management, and diverse recruitment for NIH grants.

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