Kyle and Joe – Life, Death, and DMTx

August 9, 2017


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The summer has been busy for us at Psychedelics Today. We have been working hard on launching our new online course, “Navigating Psychedelics: Lessons on Self-Care & Integration.” Beside lining interviews up for the podcast, we have been recording video interviews/master classes for the course. Since we just launched the course this week, we figured that would check in and just talk about what’s been going on.

This conversation takes off with Joe and Kyle discussing the recent DMTx event that took place last month in Boulder, Colorado. During this talk, we both speculate the risks and concerns of this research as well as the potential benefit. With the conversation revolving around DMT and extended-state DMT research, the discussion heads down the rabbit hole for a bit and we explore the global crisis, climate change, future uses of DMT, alien worlds and alternative dimensions, and more!

We also highlight the recent death of Baylee Ybarra Gatlin, who passed away at the Lightening in a Bottle festival during Memorial Day Weekend. The autopsy report suggests that Gatlin passed due to “Acute LSD Toxicity.” Many condolences to the Ms. Gatlin’s family and friends.

It is very unlikely that Gatlin died from “Acute LSD Toxicity,” but rather most likely from ingesting another substance like 25i-NBOMe. Tragic situations, like these, really stress the importance of substance testing. It seems that with the rise of research chemicals, adulterations in substances, and drugs laced with fentanyl one can never be 100% certain of what they are actually ingesting. If you have the time to ingest, you have the time to test. Get a test kit today.

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