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Navigating Psychedelics: Trip Journal & Integration Workbook

The Trip Journal & Integration Workbook

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Part of our Navigating Psychedelics online course, we have put together two eBooks to help our students - The Trip Journal and the Integration Workbook.

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About The Trip Journal

Are you planning a journey anytime soon or in the near future? Make sure you do not forget your trip journal!

The Navigating Psychedelics Trip Journal is the ultimate trip book to help you prepare, track, and begin to work with your psychedelic experience.

In this 68 page book, you will find preparation tips and advice, journal prompts, a psychedelic trip checklist, a trip report section, and more.

About The Integration Workbook

Have you had a psychedelic experience and unsure how to work with the experience? Psychedelic experiences can be difficult, confusing, blissful, and life-changing, but knowing what to do next can be overwhelming. That is why we have put together this psychedelic integration workbook to help you through your process.

This workbook consists of different activities such as meditation prompts, journaling exercises, and goal planning.

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  1. Navigating Psychedelics: The Trip Journal
  2. The Integration Workbook

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